Get $20 in PSN credit, 1,000 Sony Rewards points for convincing a friend to buy PSVITA


Sony has launched a referral program that rewards PlayStation 3/Vita owners with $20 of PSN credit and 1,000 Sony Rewards pointswho can convince a friend to purchase a Vita. In addition referred friend member also receives $20 in PlayStation Network credit

There’s even a “prize” allocated for the person who refers the most friends: 1 million Sony Reward Points.

The offer is only available in the US, and you must be 18 years or older to participate, and the catch is that contestants may use “only email, Facebook, Twitter and a referral card to communicate effectively to friends/family members the qualities and benefits of the PS Vita.”

Sony’s Vita referral program ends on February 28. You can register in the official site.

Source: Sony


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