Guest Post: Genuine Savings on Real Designer Gear

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It would probably be fair to suggest that if designer gear was available for the same kind of prices as generic High Street lines, there wouldn’t exactly be a massive queue for the latter. Sure there are plenty of labels out there which are that and that alone – just labels – but when it comes to the biggest and longest-standing names in the world of elite fashion, it runs much deeper.


It’s not all about stunning looks with designer clothing as by rights any buyer should also demand superb value for money – however much or little they hand over. Designer gear should be built to last and not have to be handled like the most fragile of eggshells in order to prevent ruining it. There are plenty of examples on both sides of the equation but in this instance they shall remain nameless for the sake of common courtesy.


The thing is, demand for excellent designer gear at the very height of fashion has never been higher across the UK, but at the same time neither has been the importance of value for money. Folk just aren’t willing to settle for second best anymore and neither will they pay over the odds for anything, which leads to a pretty big conundrum when it comes to getting hold of designer gear.


Is there really a way of taking home the best designer brands for cheap, or are those unwilling to pay over the odds doomed to remain with substandard lines?


Well, the answer depends on your approach but for those willing to forego the everyday catwalk that is the High Street in favour of online retailers, the news is good.


The problem faced by High Street stores when it comes to designer gear is the fact that for general logistical reasons they’re only ever able to stock up on maybe a few examples of each item at best. In turn, this makes each of said items relatively exclusive in terms of availability and thus more desirable/expensive. And then of course there are the running costs of the store itself, which aren’t going to come out of the pocket of the owner but instead are added on the prices of the gear being sold.


By contrast, web retailers with no physical premises to speak of have no such space/showroom restrictions and so can buy in much larger quantities to keep things cheap. And what’s more, there’s not a single comparable overhead to take into account and therefore the end buyer isn’t looking at paying the same High Street premiums. There are no differences in quality and chances are you might even find the newest lines on the web before they hit the rails at standard stores – it’s a winning formula for genuine savings without scrimping on quality.


It’s really just a case of finding an online purveyor of designer gear that you can trust and sticking with them like glue. There are plenty out there to be found and chances are you won’t set foot back on the High Street for the same kind of gear for some time to come.


By Lisa Morton


Lisa Morton found some truly bespoke Chelsea boots for her man in a small online shop and has now turned to blogging to share her experience.



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