Guest Post: Future Cars and the Next Wave of Automobiles


As consumers, it seems we are always searching for what’s new and exciting. This can be especially true in regards to the automotive industry. From fully electric cars to vehicles that can drive themselves, there has been a recent push for innovation in the automotive sector. Along with these advancements, auto makers have some pretty impressive plans for the cars of the future and the next wave of automobiles.

Accident avoidance

One of the most intriguing developments in automotive innovation is the development of accident avoidance technology. Some of the ground work for this particular feature already exists within many current vehicles. Things like sensors that alert you when an object is approaching or adaptive cruise control that slows down when you approach a slower moving vehicle already exist in current cars and make up some of the framework of what an accident avoidance feature would look like.

Adding technology that allows the car to apply the brakes itself and avoid collisions as well as adjust speed and control settings depending on terrain and weather could round out the accident avoidance technology of the future.

Oxygen Emissions

Another goal that auto makers are striving for in the future is car’s that emit pure oxygen. This seems like a lofty goal, but it is something that Mercedes-Benz is working on for their concept car the Mercedes Biome. The objective is to get this feature to market as quickly as possible, but because it is such an ambitious innovation it most likely won’t be plausible until around 2050.

Gaze Control

While this feature may not be as “groundbreaking” as the last, it is a bit more feasible in regards to implementation in the near future.

Gaze control would consist of technology that would allow drivers to bring up the controls for radio, temperature gauges, etc. on the windshield and make the desired changes using nothing but their eyes. The feature seems to be a very real possibility for the near future as Hyundai is already testing it on some of their new models.

Air Propulsion Vehicles

Another ambitious, but potentially attainable, concept for the future is the idea of vehicles propelled by air. This obviously would be an amazing innovation that would revolutionize the auto industry, but it is it even possible? The people at Cadillac seem to think so, as they unveiled the Aera at the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge. The Aera (design) boasted a stylish design and an air propulsion engine that could theoretically run for 1,000 miles on compressed air. It will most likely be some time before this design comes to fruition, but it is certainly exciting to see auto makers pursuing this technology.

The features listed here are currently only concepts and ideas, but there are strong possibilities that these features will exist in the cars of the future. Features like these are what make the next wave of automobiles so exciting every year. As technologies continue to advance and develop, it seems the future of cars, and the auto industry as a whole, appears bright.

Reggie Sizemore is a self-proclaimed gear head and auto industry enthusiast. When he’s not attending the nearest auto show, he’s writing about the automotive industry. He currently writes on behalf of American Auto Move.

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